In writing, you radiate a vibe. It is not the difficult and spooky words:

Can you imagine this?

AT 3:30 A.M, you stand in pin down silence. The eerie sound of the wind makes innumerable suggestions. And with an attuned supernatural communion. You start to walk. Comparatively, It is odd – why imagine? It is easy to take a reader into a semi-trance state. And easier to crush the bizarre imagery. In fact, it is ideal to bring the readers back into a happy world.




In like manner, an advertisement, publicity or advocacy are the two sides of the same coin. Propaganda and a well-directed information flow can decipher a strong code. Creating a hype. And spreading disinformation may be an effective tool in the arsenal of an activist.

The paragraph above has different variations of the word “PROPAGANDA”.

The idea is to start thinking in a way which knits and weaves the sentences into sublimity.

In the era of the 4th and 5th generation warfare and the world at the brink of a catastrophe. You might have the option to filter and refine the information that presents itself.

Furthermore, Thinking and reflecting is a vital differentiating factor. Love, emotions, and sacrificing for principle is what makes us Human! Moreover, Pursuing wisdom is a better investment than obtaining information and knowledge. On a softer note, it is wiser to admit that failure is not a description of a person. And Success is an opposite outcome of a misstep.




How a man sees this world:

The Art, science, and psychology mesh up to form a complete picture of a working relationship. Finally, a person is as good as his finest resolution. Optimistic decision-making has a gazillion of advantages. That is up to the readers to stay optimistic and flourish. And move in the right direction.

Off topic:

“A national calamity is the rooting of an organized crime”.


“A personal calamity is the disintegration of a sound moral footing”.

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