To begin with, the purpose of this copy is to decide which variables impact the clients’ buying pattern while opting for herbal cosmetics. Some variables include age, gender, fitness and health consciousness. The buying power of the consumer and the latest natural cosmetic brands play a major role.





During the recent years, the beauty industry has diversified. And it has changed into an advertising and marketing orientated proposition. Surely, Customers are searching for products that meet their needs. For the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle.

The Beauty Industry and the use of Personal Care products:

Moreover, Cosmetics have always been a critical part of the lives of the consumers. The solution is cosmetics which, you extract from organic ingredients. Such as fruits and vegetables, and are easy to grow with seeds and available raw materials. The positive aspect is a contribution to the society. By introducing a chemical-free organic alternative. Which may attract an audience that prefers a healthier living. The strength of the solution is powerful. And comparatively, it may attract multinationals and a stream of investors.

A brief history of the Cosmetics Industry:

In reality, The use of cosmetics traces back to 4000 BC. And today, the beauty industry estimates at around $445 Billion. Earlier products had ingredients like charcoal and berries.

Source: Forbes

Film/Video as a medium to increase awareness:

For instance, The Video titled “The Story of Cosmetics”. Which, aired in July 2010. Pitched to create an awareness about the ingredients in the personal care products. It is a 7-minute video. Describing the implications of chemical-rich cosmetics. For the workers, the environment, and the consumers.



The Marketing Campaigns:

To demonstrate, Brands like Pond’s, Estee Lauder, Revlon, & Dove changed the perception of the consumers. Their campaigns were the best cosmetic campaigns. Targeting and Displaying the social life of women.

U.S. Cosmetics Regulations and the FDA safety:

Consumer safety is a priority for personal care, and cosmetic products in the U.S. There is a watch over by the FD&C Act.

Source: FDA

Organic and Natural Trends for Cosmetics:

Recently, the natural beauty products have become more fashionable. In fact, A wide audience from the U.K. considers products without parabens as natural.

The Regulations for Organic Cosmetics:

Furthermore, the USDA is a regulatory body that applies regulations to agricultural products in the U.S. The Organic Beauty products are in great demand in the international market. Especially, due to the harmful effects and the chemicals that are present in non-organic products.

Moreover, there is a huge opportunity that exists. In general, Over the years, the organic cosmetic industry has seen a significant growth. Brands like 100% pure, Herbivore Botanicals, ILIA beauty are some of the major players. As The time is ideal for starting up an Organic cosmetics business. The research trends show a progressive surge in the researched products.





Additionally, Starting-up, aiming to deliver Organic Cosmetics at a cheap price. Which can be an alternative to the harmful ingredients? That some of the cosmetics manufacturers put into their products.

Likely, Many consumers have general concerns about the health and the environmental issue. With problems like water contamination, global warming, and pollution. We observe a rise is a demand for organic food products. The retailer margins and a higher cost of production create a difference. Especially, between the prices that consumers are willing to pay and the actual price.

Correspondingly, Organic products have fewer pesticides and can be grown in a natural environment. The organic materials remain fresh due to an absence of preservatives. The farms that grow these products are better for the environment and the Ecosystem. They reduce the risk of diseases associated with fruits and vegetables. Moreover, There is also a shortage of organic products in the market due to a rise in demand. Most of the retail giants like Costco and Walmart carry organic products. The organic food revolution is marketing its products as allergen-free. And the rising demand is encouraging. In contrast, the industry is still growing, changing, and evolving. These products are available as Organic. And to a layman, most customers may believe them to be 100% organic.

To sum up, and some Recommendations:

Identically, The availability of water, fertilizers, and soil is vital. For any agricultural system to become productive. A Diversification of the farms and landscapes is pivotal. For the success of small businesses. Buying in the season can reduce the cost of purchasing raw materials.

In particular, the Organic skincare is an excellent option for start-ups looking to create an impact. The chemicals and synthetics that are present in the products of today. Pose a significant threat to the well being of the general public. To clarify, We cannot cut these giants off. Regardless, As they invest in public relations, advertising and marketing their products.

Similarly, The authorities and the economic variables which affect the industry, need to function in a responsible manner. And create more opportunities for micro businesses and entrepreneurs. Uniquely, To help them explore their Organic option.

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