The Magic of making a 1500 word post:

Ok, so you are searching the web for an article on the key benefits of maintaining a blog? Especially on a platform like WordPress. But you want to know some of the reasons why blogs are an essential component in your marketing effort. This post features the key facts rather than my personal impressions. So let us begin by analyzing the basic components of our problem.




Likewise, A blog is a person’s residual self-image after a phenomenal track of thought. A form of art that adds an insurmountable value to the lives of the readers. A luminous line or school of thinking, that illuminates the mind and cognition of the reader. It is one of those sequences that enables us to understand our innermost desires. And also reflects upon our alter ego or a second personality that exists in us.

The aim of this blog is to reach out to an audience:

Comparatively, I will keep myself away from the trap of quoting personal observations. A prominent research indicates that the top bloggers spend around 6+ hours on a single post. They are the people who prefer perfection over their leisure activities.

Let me clarify. A blog is a need of the time. It is a marketing tool for communicating a message. The readership or the audience has the power to act on the advertised content or reject it.

As an informal mode:

According to an estimate, around 55% of the blogs of today are an informal mode of communication. And the content writers do not treat them with importance.

Similarly, With not many prominent institutions to teach content or copywriting, especially in Karachi. It becomes difficult for aspiring writers to direct their online efforts. And maneuver a marketing game-plan.[sociallocker]

The target audience of an excellent content writer is an educated class. We see a constant influx of writers who actually want to become a writer.

Google loves a long post, which is around 1500 words. Most of the bloggers and writers fall short. Some do not add many images and some forget to add videos.

Moreover, The art of creating an animated post is pivotal. It lies in the artistic and creative bent of the content artist.

Correspondingly, A skillful content writer spends his time and efforts on topics you would love to know about. It is the job of an excellent writer to treat you with a mini intellectual boost. Which is enough to derive an action. To guide you, and help you reach a decision about a product that you want.

It is a web marketing campaign that promotes a product or a service. The brief by the client acts as a cornerstone for the content creation strategy.

A false belief that prevails in our society is that the masses do not understand English. I am afraid with this strategy you will not be able to reach a leadership position. Today, the companies need to target a global audience. And for that, the blog, social media campaigns, and your website has to display a flawless logic.

For a web content management strategy:

Copywriting, SEO, Marketing, and PR are a vital energy force. Along with a design and a phenomenal end user experience.

The substance and Structure:

A running campaign on the social media must have substance. The product or service that you sell must not be average. And the structure or the mechanism through which you deliver. Both these factors define who you are.




A general rule of thumb is to match your writing to an audience:

Additionally, Matching the literacy level of your audience may create a solid connection. It can improve the turn out at an event and you can target more people. According to an estimate, almost 87% of bloggers in the U.S blog for at least two years. Around 35% of Businesses use this tool each month, to communicate with their audience. An estimated 60% of the bloggers are men.

Source: Moz

“Excellence is painful”. Similar is the case while creating a long blog post. You might want to handle such a post with extra care and attention. A blog is a personal online representation. The bloggers of today also use it as a tool to express their aspirations by maintaining it as an online journal.

An online journal is a personal space to share your life experiences and learnings. The target audience of such a Blog is a basic family and friends circle. You can use this digital tool as a representation of your corporate aims and objectives. To display your interest or hobby, or keep it as personal as possible.

The professional bloggers are in it for monetary reasons. The modes of their income may vary from affiliate sales to creating custom content. It is a vital source for earning a passive income. A cumulative sum which may help you run your projects.


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Frequency and Engagement:

It is disheartening to see that your favorite blog is not updated. Which means that the last post dates back to 3 months. A recent post helps you connect with an audience at a different level.
And it happens to be the same post that you have already consumed.

Engagements are the keyword here. Comments and shares make it happen for a blog post. It is ideal to engage the readers and leave them with a thought-provoking idea. Which is enough for them to comment and share your post.

WordPress as a Tool:

Furthermore, WordPress is one of the finest blogging platforms out there. Today, WordPress is a powerhouse to 14.7% of the best 100 websites in the world. Each month, The word “WordPress” gets googled around 2.8 million times.

There are a staggering 76.5 million WordPress blogs around the world. And the number keeps on growing. Another statistic suggests that 71% of WordPress blogs are in the English language.

Source: The WordPress Tool

An SEO Tip:

The SEO Professionals who engage in a considerable on-page optimization testing. Want you to write your targeted keywords in a boldface text format. The bolded keywords outrank their unbolded counterparts.




Recommended Tools:

WordPress- One of the most popular blogging platforms in existence. WordPress is a free and open-source tool that hosts either on WordPress. Or on another domain of your choice. Flexible and easy to use, it is often the default option for both advanced and novice bloggers. There is an entire industry built around the creation and sale of custom themes. And skins for WordPress. Making the otherwise template platform more personalized and customizable.

Other useful tools include:

Google alerts, Blogger, Fresh web Explorer alerts, Linkstant, and Google analytics.

Why blog? Reasons why you should start:

  • Now you can attract an audience
  • Establish an Authority
  • Build engagement and a rapport with your clients
  • Learn by organizing your thoughts
  • Telling a story
  • Confirm your expertise and
  • Stand out

There are various other reasons. The prime focus here is to create compelling content that moves and shakes an audience. It is easier for an audience to relate to a message that resonates with their wants and desires. You can use the emotional appeal to a message.




It is paramount not to overdo an emotional appeal in your copy:

While writing a blog post you might want to focus on creating content that is not over emotional.

Here’s an example.

Moreover, If you target an audience, with a hoarding problem and you suggest ways to declutter. It is pivotal not to over explain the topics which include adding emotional appeals. This might be an excellent post for the extreme cases. But the people who are minimal-cluttered might not opt for your service.

It may cause an emotional fatigue and a general feeling of manipulation. Be nice to the people who take out their precious time to read your posts.

You can avoid an emotional manipulation by displaying a variation in your examples. And not discussing only the extreme cases. Figure out their exact problem through a proper feedback mechanism. And by asking them for suggestions.

According to some professional bloggers, a writer must handle the topic with responsibility. Similar is the case with a seasoned teacher. Let us look at a small story from Charlie Stephens, a high school teacher, and writer.


Through the peeling wall, I can hear you snap your bones one by one. Tiny pings of destruction. In the morning you start with your feet: small bones are easier. By noon, when the rain comes down in sheets, and the last of the leaves die off, you have moved to your fibula, working up to your femur. Not yet fifteen, you have an ageless resilience towards suffering, calling upon ancient curses that burn themselves on the backs of my eyelids, a list of all the mistakes that I have made. The ways I didn’t protect you, and still am not.

Source: Listening

It is ideal to play with your vocabulary, but not with the emotions of your readers. Finally, a blog must be coherent and understandable. And you can take away the suggested methods in this post and create a perfect blog post for your readers.


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