Advertising in 2018:

Advertising is a key tool in the backpack of a marketer. Likely, in 2018, the curated ads will target the right people. The challenges in advertising include reaching potential customers in a compelling way. Which, are meaningful and custom curated for them.

The curator or the A.I selects the best suitable ads. for a user according to their tastes and preferences. A lot of research is underway. To better understand the concept. Here is a look at a TED Talk on Digital Advertising.


The everyday challenges faced by advertisers in 2018:

Furthermore, Advertising and the way you market a product are bound to change in 2018. Digital marketing is still the same. And DM has not seen much difference in let’s say the previous 5 years. Although, The mobile users increased. Pointing at a website optimization and a mobile- responsive landing page.

The No.1 concern for users in 2018:

Moreover, Privacy and cookies are the top concern for users. According to a Report, 11% of internet surfers activate an Adblocker. A 30% increase from the previous year.

Where did the advertisers go wrong?

Additionally, showing similar Ad groups, over-repetition, and low relevance has decreased the trust. Users feel as if the advertising is redundant and it wastes their time.

The Role of Live Video in 2018:

Comparatively, There is a surge in visual content consumption. According to an estimate, in 2020, around 80% of all content will be video. This brings the explainer video making sites into Business. Along with the Videographers, digital artists and small Videomakers.

Most social media platforms offer a free Live video option. You can use that to give away an item or to communicate a message. The live video is an effective tool to engage an audience and increase traffic to your website.

Please refresh the TED talk on A.I:

A.I will also have an impact on marketing and advertising. This technology will help the advertisers make sense of the large data load and insights. The A.I has the potential to make customer value addition a smooth and seamless task. It is an added advantage for various marketing giants and their counterparts.

Research wins again. Gifted and trained minds from mathematics are beginning to join the trade of advertising. Using Operations research to integrate advanced analytical methods to make better decisions. Finally, We Hope that 2018 turns out great for advertising and research.

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