What grabs the attention of a reader?

Is it the images, the title, or the person at the top right-hand-side corner? Or is it a beautiful mix of everything in a proportionate manner? A vital ingredient in copywriting today is not to overdo it.




The main function of the headline is to grab the reader’s attention and make them read the first paragraph. The First para has to be excellent enough that the reader wants to proceed to the second paragraph. And this mechanism is what rationalizes the paragraphs in a sales copy.

The benefits that you mention have to be relevant:

For instance, if, you buy our pair of scissors, it will give you more freedom to be creative. Let’s face it if, I tell you that the scissors cut, various thin materials. Like paper, cardboard, metal foil, cloth, rope, and wire. You will definitely say, “I already have a pair of scissors and it does that”. Thank You very much.




A safe method is to add a universal benefit, if, you target a global audience. This saves you much trouble while writing an email. Which, is intended for your subscribers. I am a strong believer in soft selling and a gentle suggestion, that attracts and hooks the reader.

Here is a scenario: He or She reads your copy and sleeps. But there is something that worries the prospect. A big what if? “He has a valid point, and he did not try to sell anything. What if, he actually removes the benefit by tomorrow?”

As a consequent:

He or She rouses, searches for their card, and buys that product.

Did this happen by chance? Was it a fluke?

No, the Copywriter designed the copy and added all the necessary triggers. He then introduces the reader to a universal situation and by adding testimonials and establishing credibility. He mentions his money back guarantee and closes the deal.

Finally, You can add tonnes of hooks and a valid justification, & risk reversal. There are thousands of emotional and psychological variations.

My favorite Quote “The best copy is the one that sells”.


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