To begin with, the first book that I scanned in 2018 was on self-help. The self-improvement market in the U.S is worth more than $9 Billion. I was reluctant to do a book review. Because every reader has a personal preference.

I can mend your broken heart means so much to people around the world. It is a collaboration between Paul McKenna, a renowned hypnotist, and Dr. Hugh Willbourn.

Both the authors weave the examples in the book around an emotion. And help the audience tackle their problems. They talk about How to cope with grief after the break-up in a relationship. It packs an effective, simple, and practical technique. Which, has the aptness to lighten up your mood.

The book is a source of relief for the people who have given up. It takes you deeper into understanding emotional healing. A thought-provoking concept and learning for the people of understanding.


Furthermore, Both the authors delve deep into helping the audience. To make a crucial connection between love and the key events in their relationships.

Psychotherapy tells us, that it can help you change and drop bad habits. Today, various People are opening their doors to therapy. It is a commonplace chore for a number of international celebs.

By applying the concepts discussed in this book. You can open the doors to a new beginning. Even mend someone else’s, broken heart. Finally, the aim of the book is to teach you how to love again. An ideal read for people who want to mend a broken heart. And want to achieve success in every loving relationship.


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