We have discussed in detail, the various shades of copywriting in our previous posts: Learning Copywriting in Karachi –

One offshoot of a magazine ad. copy is the advertorial or an ad. that looks like an editorial. Like in a newspaper. A direct response copywriting is something that lands in your mailbox. This content is custom made for you. On the basis of your past buy history. Hoping that you deal or acquire after reading the copy. Similar is the case with a Web copy, which includes the content for your Adwords campaigns.

Taking ownership of your own work:

Writing an About Us section is challenging. Although you are a writer, here is a simple technique to write this section. For a moment, forget that you are a writer. You now own the company. With your writing skill, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit. How will you attract a greater audience for your self?




Going that extra mile can sometimes turn out to produce phenomenal results:

The take away is not a role reversal or a change of perspective. But a limitless treasure of creative thinking that you can indulge in. I have written around 5-8 About Us sections for my clients. And I started using this technique. To observe a new self-image in the products and services of the website. As if it starts a chain reaction and a domino effect. Which reflects in the metrics. I share this to leave you with another tried method to achieve maximal productivity. Especially, for your client work.

Learning Copywriting In Karachi –

In the end, it is about a strategic delivery of words. That encourages your audience to take action. As discussed in our E-book about-[sociallocker] Copywriting.[/sociallocker] 

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