A Glowing Pakistan:

A Bright Pakistan– In the midst of a crisis situation, through which, Pakistan had to progress and create its way. A “content writer” feels overwhelmed to introduce the two outliers from Pakistan.

1. Haroon Tariq &
2. Shahmeer Amir

Born in Kohat Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. A student, who is a true inspiration for many. Haroon Tariq has made Pakistan proud by making six world records. Haroon got 87 A’s in Advanced levels, O levels, and IGCSEs.


Source: Wikipedia

People with an excellent memory know how easy it is for them to memorize a problem. Which, the ordinary minds take hours to solve. The human brain and memory are what makes us. It helps us recall the who, what, where, and when in a particular situation. The green team or the Paki-Land blesses the people by producing a mysterious lot. Comprised of intelligent people.

The things that happen in the lives of some outliers:

  • The Parents start treating you in a better way
  • Siblings stop fighting with you over petty issues
  • You hear the word MashaAllah a lot which means God has willed- Google

We wish that Haroon continues his winning streak. All the Best cubed!

The other Outlier of today for this post @ “Content Writer” is Shahmeer Amir.

Here is a brief introduction:

I cannot express in plain words-  Overwhelmed emotionally!

The actions depend upon intentions. And besides bounty hunting is not hacking. Again, to conclude. If the brightest minds are surfacing in Pakistan? it is pivotal to search for extraordinary talent and utilize it. Make use of this untapped potential. Some real-world problems are only for the gifted to solve. The capriciousness or unpredictability of this lot is encouraging. And the resilience is a completely different story.

An examination Hall-


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