Why opt for learning the Chinese language in 2018?

Learning the Chinese language is an art. The task is ginormous for people who speak a different language. Learning this language is all about passion, practice and hard work. The Chinese writing system is deep, and according to the Hutong School website. There are 7000 characters in this language.


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It is a false belief that Chinese is a difficult language to learn. For a student, all languages must be the same. Their primary task is to learn and that is what they do best. If you overburden yourself by declaring a task as difficult, it is quite likely that you stall all your efforts.

You might have noticed. And like in any other language. The prevailing usage of a select few sentences, characters or vocabulary. This prevails across the board. It makes it easier to learn the beautiful language and become smarter at it.

Let us put it this way. Shock is a general human emotion, and by learning the language you can add an element of surprise. Especially while communicating with a Chinese national. Learning a new language may boost your own cognitive process.

The Importance of learning Chinese – Enhancing your multitasking skills:

The age of dementia for monolingual adults is 71.4. The normal range for mature adults is 65-69. And they make fewer driving errors.

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Let us not get into the controversial aspect of this post. It is pivotal and the need of the time to learn the language of a global leader. We understand that not everyone can learn a new language. Some people have the gift to adapt and memorize the crux of a word or the true gist of a sentence.

This post is a suggestion for people who want to increase their cognitive abilities. And for the ones who love challenges. Language acts as a bridge between average and effective communication. The PIM is offering a Chinese Language course – Level 1 & 2 in Karachi.

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Learning a new language can be fun, It does not matter if it takes you 10 years to learn. To the farsighted people, this is the right move. A country can select the language learners by offering people some monetary incentive. By designing the right I.Q tests that identify the potential of a candidate. There are thousands of ways to judge and analyze.

Learning the language does not entitle you to marry in China. It is ideal to strengthen your own roots. A language is a basic form of communication. And for a better understanding of what the other person wants out of a mutual cooperation.

Learning the Chinese language may create a good will:

This can create a positive impact by removing various barriers to communication. It is more of an “Unfuckwithable” proposition.

1. Decide which language you wish to learn

  • Mandarin is the national language of China and Taiwan and is the dialect you should choose if traveling to those countries, or if you’re learning Chinese for academic/business purposes. China’s large population makes Mandarin the most spoken language on the planet.
  • Cantonese is the primary language of Hong Kong and China’s Guangdong province. It is also the most common dialect spoken by Chinese overseas. Choose Cantonese if you’re traveling to Hong Kong, doing business in Guangdong (a major economic region), or if you wish to speak with the majority of Chinese in the US, UK, Australia, or Canada.


The Author of this article knows a bit of Sindhi, Punjabi, Arabic, German, Urdu, and English. And now he is writing about the importance of learning the Basic Chinese language.

” The truth is stranger than Fiction “


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