This is REST Phase Blog Post

A rest Phase Blog post is something that adds to your writing practice But does not count as actual work.

Discussing the Tone Of Voice:

A man risks his entire life to find the solution to some of his problems. The questions that are mind-boggling, include, Fear, uncertainty, and doubt or the FUD. The answers to them are simple. And for you to discover. In this post, Let us discuss the maintenance of a Neutral Tone of voice in the written form.




Understanding the Tone of Voice:

Additionally, It is not what you say but how you say it. For the brands of today, it is a quintessential ingredient to project a tone of voice. And this voice must represent your main idea of being in business. Is it honesty? Delivering a quality product or service? Or adding value?

It extends to both the written and the spoken mediums. The character of your business drives greater people to you. You use a train of thought, that leads you to a eureka moment.

A passionate place to be. Where; all the great stuff happens. In writing, it is more about suggesting a collaborative solution. And not an imposition.

Example of an Imposition:

I have had this negative experience and I want you to learn from it or I order you to do this.

You force and press the reader to take the desired action. And this is one of the negative side effects of the social media. The shorter attention spans. For instance, People will not listen to you if you are uninteresting or you type a sentence that is boring. Today, the Writers rely on using an authoritative tone to extract an outcome or to establish credibility.

Moreover, This trick that I am about to share with you, is a blessing of this blog post. The trick is simple, to put your thoughts on paper. As; they are. Share it with your editor or a friend who acts as a proofreader.

Once, you receive a solid feedback from them. Now, you proceed to the next step. Start Working on a unique editing skill. Which is, to edit your own work. Editing is not only subtracting but it can also add tons to your draft.

I also believe that writing is a unique blessing. This draft does not reach the status of being a final paper or a post. Until; it gets uploaded. And the stimulus and response theory or practice tells us. That, It works, even if we acquire a fraction of a second to respond. This makes the spoken words riskier than writing.




It is astounding, to reach a realization, that no two writers sound the same. They choose different words to express themselves. This concept is like that of the fingerprints.

And if we go deep in expanding our horizon. We find a conclusive evidence that this is due to the early brain development.

Coming back to the tone of voice:

Why not focus on a to-the-point and concise strategy for a tone of voice. Which; can be an effective tool in the arsenal of a marketer. Gone are the days of verbose, expansive and wordy phrases and sentences.

This can build trust. And It may add a credibility to your pitch. Remember, A tone of voice is not good writing. It is about giving a recognizable voice to your brand.

You utilize a tone of voice in:

  • Product brochures
  • Sales Emails
  • Scripts and
  • Client presentations

Final Thoughts:

It is always better to use a similar tone of voice. This can affect the branding function. Even if you do not have the same copywriter for the task. It is easier to mimic or improve the voice by following a guideline.

You might want to analyze the colors that you use in your branding. Identify the words that best represent those colors. Select the words with a positive emotive appeal.

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