Global Citizenship: Saying Goodbye to Nature – and About becoming Artificial in 2018

To Begin with, The environment is the natural occurrence of all living and non-living things. Which is un-artificial, earthy, and ecological. Any modification of the environment like agricultural land conversion, building an architectural structure. Or building a photovoltaic system in the desert. Is an artificial addition.

Furthermore, The reason for this post is to highlight an alarming natural consequence. Watch the Video Below.

Similarly, Here are the three steps that you can take in your area:

1. Learn about them:

Moreover, The endangered species of birds, fish, and plants might need more attention. The first step is to educate yourself about them. And to identify the significance and indispensability of this aspect of nature. Similar is the case with clean air, water, and medicinal resources. The environment can provide a free source of commercial, aesthetic and recreational benefit.

2. For the agrarian economies:

Consequently, The herbicides and pesticides can cause a greater harm. This affects the animals and their biological clock.

3. Recycle

Additionally, Using a recycled paper and sustainable products like bamboo can have a minute impact. It is ideal to say NO to leather items or things made up from animal skin.

Say No to Poaching!

Identically, Hunting a lion or an endangered animal does not make you brave. You do not fool anyone by posting a picture with a dead animal. Pandas are also an endangered species.

On a lighter note:

Moreover, Cats! referred to as a magical creature in Ancient Egypt. They brought good luck. To some they were demigods. Animals are cute in any form or shape. Equally, A heavy Unemployment and a lack of awareness may cause people to become goons in the animal-trade.

Endangered species and the number of animals left:




Image Source: Statisticbrain

Call to Action:

Various Ayurvedic medicines have animal parts. Your primary goal is to save these animals. And for that, you might want to say NO to some skincare, and medicinal products that use animals or their parts.

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