Research and Blogging:

To begin with, A college degree in Journalism, English, or communication is a prerequisite to becoming a writer ((You can analyze some key facts and figures about the Median Pay of writers and authors from 2016 here;

Today, you have more tools available at your disposal than ever before. By looking at the data of the total number of blog posts that publish each day by Technorati ((You can review the Worldometers’ counter by visiting A factual and statistical representation adds a ton of credibility to your blog posts. You can also utilize a headline generator if you do not feel like coming up with a catchy one yourself ((The title maker is called the Portent’s Content Idea Generator, you can review it here;



Furthermore, One technique that I use to create share-worthy content is to search for a keyword on Google. And analyze the first two articles to see if there is something missing. You can automatically add and improvise on the missing parts in your own content. As we have mentioned in a previous post ((You can view the comprehensive post on blogging for the amount of time spent on each post Here;, which, talks in detail about the benefits of blogging. We suggest that it is ideal to practice writing.

According to this research ((In 2016 the average blog post took 3 hours and 16 minutes to write. You can review that statistic here; people spend 6+ hours on a single post. And the efforts that they put in are directly proportional to strong results.

Blogging also helps with SEO!

By increasing the number of pages, you can increase the number of keywords. Which are utilized on your website ((For a detailed description on Does Blogging Help with SEO, you can visit The minimum effort posts might not work. Especially the ones that you write at the end of an exhausting day.

A No Go Area:

You cannot recycle the same information and copy it from other blogs. A valuable and unique insight is something that the readers are looking for ((One way to get truly unique content is to interview a renowned expert More here:

Final Thoughts:

A blog post reflects on the tireless hours that you spend on reading and writing. It is of foremost importance to add value. And to make the reading experience easier for the readers.




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