Live performances of Aaroh, Alinoor, Ali Hamza and Atif Aslam were fantastic. The instrumental sounds to produce the beauty of form. Which, was also an expression of emotion and harmony. Back in the days, when Aaroh used to perform Live. We thought that this was the best we had seen. The underground music scene has evolved ever since. Today in April 2018 we see Ali Sethi performing Live in a concert at Port Grand.




Apart from the pop and rock music, of the younger lot, there is a unique genre that raises the bar for URDU and Hindi music.

Here is a look at some monumental names:

  • Ustad Bare Ghulam Ali Khan
  • Ustad Fateh Ali Khan
  • Roshan Ara Begum
  • Ustad Salamat Ali

Source: Pakistani Music Time Line

Bringing the concerts back to Karachi:

Due to an unrest, we saw a slight delay in the activity of talented artists. Again, the public is eager to see live performances that we have learned to love and adore. A concert is a transmission between a form of music, the artist, and the audience. All art is a higher communication. And writers derive their inspiration from any form of art.

Similarities between writing and music:

They tell a story, both writing and music paint a vibrant or vague picture. The sun comes up in the lyrics of a song. And takes you into a trance-like state. The writers try their best to achieve a similar state by adding positive emotion words.

The incorporation of emotions in the written form helps the writing establish itself. Especially, as a productive activity. We have learned to treasure good music and artists. Again, we emphasize the fact that proper training is a must to establish your self. In an ideal scenario, a developing country can introduce various reforms. The changes that can lessen the social, psychological and physical burden. That through debt and taxes.

Music is an art form that any developing country can use as a tool. It is not always about Love for another human in a music video or song. We see various Coke Studio videos that direct their energy. Especially, towards the combination of spiritual, astral and incorporeal truths.

On the other hand, writing is a higher communication. You are imprinting your thoughts on a medium that others can review. A music video is 6-7 minutes long, and it has a message. If you make longer videos, out of boredom, it is quite possible that you lose an audience. Writing is akin to music. Both the mediums communicate at a higher level of understanding. For the audience, it is a matter of preference.

Final Thoughts:

Both the mediums use a different meaning of the word “pitch”. In music, it is the tone of voice. Music has also revolutionized the way we act and behave. Urdu music has an idiosyncratic depth to it. The songs influence you each time at one of the levels mentioned below.

Beta: Usual operation of the mind
Alpha: Light relaxation
Theta: The Conscious mind switches off.
Delta: Complete subconscious operation of the mind.

Source: Mind Motivations

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