In this blog post, we discuss the simple psychological concepts, that may solve a problem. Why are we attracted to some people?

Is it a symmetrical face? lesser oxidative stress? a general niceness in a person? Your BMI? or face shape? voice? and genetics?

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To some people, it has always been the cleanliness of a person. While we dig deeper, and as the individual preferences vary. Men and women feel an affinity with variations.

Here is a look at the faces that attract us the most!

Faces are a source of detecting contexts such as identity, attractiveness, and emotions. And it is a powerful channel for non-verbal communication.

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As per a survey, the heart-shaped face is usually considered to be most attractive.

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There are some verbal and nonverbal factors as well. The level of confidence in a person and the approach-ability contribute. Especially, to the likability of that person. Extroverts are more attractive to some people.

To students, the faces of some of their teachers are the most attractive for them. There is an entire science behind getting a cosmetic surgery. Studies that reveal a certain facial structure or feature such as voluptuous lips. Which, may have the potential to become more popular. Beauty has a wide array of meanings. The people with a tanner color may look at it in a dissimilar way. Some people are photogenic, while others look great in person.




A metaphysical view:

The majestic creator of every living and the nonliving thing must be beautiful. It is a general understanding that this creator likes beauty. And that natural beauty is not under the control of an ordinary human being. The internal nature of a person can be as attractive. But, we do not see it as it is.

A higher I.Q and Intelligence makes you attractive:

An IQ of 120 means that a person is more intelligent than 90% of the population.

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Height as a factor:

Height has a direct effect on how attractive you are. People also look for the male to be no more than 17% taller than the female.

Source: PSU.edu

The role of positive thinking and meditation:

Both the factors mentioned in the headline are relevant. Because “thoughts are things” and meditation can help you counteract aging.

Final Thoughts:

You become a prisoner if you start to compare yourself. Especially, to the people who look better than you do. Gratitude and kindness go a long way. And we need more of these traits.

Think about it!

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