What is Imagination?

In simple words, it is an infinite progression. This can well be the opposite of a restraint. A confinement that is a tedious handicap. This also means a limitless treasure that the creative minds own. A freedom that is elevating, especially, by not binding itself to time and space.




Imaginative Creativity is a Continuous line drawing:

Furthermore, the artists see a form, straight lines, and patterns. While the engineers give a meaningful construct to that piece of art.

Source: The ART Guide

Setting up A Solar-cell manufacturing Plant:

Moreover, It is not that difficult to set up. You draw your creative inspiration from the Brilliant sun. The sunlight, water, and wind can fill in the power generation gaps.

The challenge in Solar:

To me, it is the surface area that the current day solar panels cover. How about manufacturing a smaller, more powerful unit? Anyone?

Imaginative Technology:

We see Tesla coming out with innovative and out of the box ideas. Can we create a smaller kWh solar panel with Tonce or ten times the power generation??

The irony with ideas is:

They are haphazard and only a handful are workable. And we have the laws of physics that confine them. So this gives life an extra twist. In other words, we have; Physics Vs Imagination and creativity.

Quotes on Imagination:

Likely, A teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination. And imagination is stronger than knowledge.

A stick figure / a Pen Pal / An imaginary friend

Here is a look at a video from 2014. I do not know the actual origination and creation. But I know for sure that Alan Becker is a true artist. He understands the true integrity of an Animate-art. This word is a mixture of animation and ART. In animation, and at some level, you conceive an idea that turns into a masterpiece. This video is something of that sort and around those lines. Correspondingly, the artist has combined his narration, storytelling skills, and creativity.

Watch it for yourself –

He has close to 100,000,000 views on YouTube. The pen is mightier than the sword. This statement is also true for the digital drawing tablets. As a medium, this may act as an effective tool.

Final Thoughts:

Visual ArtsApplied ArtsPerforming Arts

My personal observation: In a casual manner, if you ask a person about his favorite Art form. The first medium that they mention is the one that they are good at. If you look at the analytics or statistics? The video has close to 97 Million views. 1.7 Million people like the video and 22 K people have given it a thumbs down. It is quite probable, that the 22 K people think that they can do a better job??? Finally, there is a limit to a project, but there is no limit to your imagination.

Think About It!

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