For clarity purposes, let us pick the easy example of a Chair. For instance, to be specific? Let us choose and consider this chair in the image.




The experiment is simple:

We assume that we gain a variety of responses to similar images. To make it interesting, I will add a personal response at the end.

To a Carpenter:

It is a 2 to 3 days of work. Sorting out the wood and Bending the metal rods etc.

To a Teacher:

It may be something that is an indispensable item. Especially, for the preparation of a lecture.

To a Politician:

A bigger chair may be synonymous with a higher position at the office. At least, in our culture. The chair holds a unique meaning for each an educated and an illiterate person. One will have to make the chair while the other utilizes it. Some people get stuck in a chair. A practice that is changing in various modern decorative settings at an office.

If I have to use my chair for a long period of time. I would try and elevate the position of my desktop. And make it easier to work while I stand.

Coming back to the different perceptions:

An intelligent person may identify a thousand uses of a chair. For instance, you can use the variety of chairs for your varying requirements. But, the artist will perceive it as another object. An object that has the full potential to convert into a piece of art.

Today, Various architectural designs and the principles of architectonics guide us. Particularly, to explore Architectural Forms in Spatial Categories. In other words, it is the right usage of empty space, line, surface or volume.

The writer will associate various settings to the object (chair). He will imagine a funny, exciting or a share-worthy incident. And go into great detail to explain the character and dislikes of the owner of that chair. Their thoughts and aspirations.




In fact, an industrious writer can write an entire series of novels around this chair. He may discuss “The energy” that the item communicates and emits. In particular, Due to the use of the previous owner. And If it is brand new? the procedures and the time that requires to make this particular chair. The hours it had to sit there and wait to qualify a buy decision and reach its rightful owner.

To plan a story, you might want to have an expert idea generation mechanism. You might need the advice of an established story writer or a copywriter. Someone who can channelize your ideas and create a remarkable piece of content.

You can write a draft and send it to me- Contact – @ for a Free consultation and/or Suggestions. In a story, World-over, it is the conflict-resolution that you remember. You may forget the characters but recall the gist of the message.

This brings us to the Conclusion of this Article:

You can use some of the tips and tricks to write your product descriptions on your e-commerce website. If the chair has a personality? which character would it resemble?

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