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Creativism is: the conscious application of creative principles to every object in life Or a person who applies creative principles to the art of living e.g. home, relationships, money, work.

What is “Creativity” on a Budget?




Furthermore, Creativity is mostly on a budget. It is necessary for the creative mind to stretch. For instance, to explain, a creative mind will work and create a solution from a used item. Creating an artifact out of nothing is my definition of creativity. It may be a broken piece of furniture or something that is unique in shape, texture, or color. It can be an item that has an attachment, mental association, or a sense of affiliation. Moreover, You will not let it pass. So, you create a new belonging. An article that is futuristic or fits your modern decorations.

To conclude, The Applications of Creativism enhances your ability to reduce negative emotions, stress, and anxiety. On the anterior, it may improve your mental productivity. Not only can being creative help you live longer, but it can boost your quality of health and life too.

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