The Four Asian Tigers

The Asian Dragons are the developed economies. That of Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan. Did you know that there is a 5th Asian Tiger? The tiger has lost its way, and will soon join the streak or pack. I.A

How is a foreign interference acceptable?

You can lay your fears to rest, only, if, the government has a plan. No plan? No Policy? Not happening!

The Irony:

The developing countries remain in that bracket. For decades, the donors have tried their best to improve the quality of living. But, the system does not work!

The Mission Statement:

Anyways, our main focus of this post in to motivate a country. That relies on self-sufficiency and progress to become the next Asian Tiger. Although, first, the focus of an economy must be on managing the War. With an unrest in the world, you cannot apply a policy or move ahead.

The initial step will be a conflict resolution. As peace, is synonymous with progress. Various large economies are in shambles. Look around.

A massive restructuring, overhaul, and a global initiative are necessary. You cannot achieve your goals without peace and solidarity. Again, you may read a suggestion, appreciate it, say a silent prayer, and you move on. We have hard evidence and you too can search the internet for authenticated info. on the habits of people of a country, especially, the ones who do not act in a responsible manner.

Also Search Google for: What is a Whistle Blowers Dilemma?

Final Thoughts:

It is unfair to undermine the efforts of people who have sacrificed for a cause. I refer to the countries, that form on the basis of an ideology.

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