Punctuality is the characteristic of being able to complete a required task. And fulfill an obligation. Before a designated time. “Punctual” is often used with “on time”. If it was your responsibility to complete a task? then you must do it.

That is the way of a follower. To a leader, he is another follower who finishes his tasks. Although, the general public is looking for a timely delivery of promises? But the public must understand-

Keep knocking! Well, at least three times 🙂

People Are Sharing What we have to say…… Well, I would request you all to share only authenticated information. Recheck the source. It must be from the Government of Pakistan. If this is an Authentic and Original mention then I am obliged. If not, then who cares 🙂



The other mention is @ the bouquet of well-written articles at Simplymuezet ….. Thank You for reading!

Here is a look at some Mentions for My previous BLOG:




Coming back to punctuality, when in trouble, if a person becomes honey-sweet. Then, there must be something wrong. The Sindh government or Mr, Murad is showing great love and affection. Why? You are smarter than I am, go figure. Honey and oil is a great issue in Sindh. To some honey and oil is a herbal remedy. We will not go into the details. I am happy to see a sense of accountability and justice. The changing tonality of various people is surprising.

Whoever has done this, he is my Hero and I pray then he stays happy for the rest of his life. Ameen

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