The Miracle called Islam – The security that Islam offers is remarkable. Especially, to the women and children. To a layman or a person who was born in a Muslim family, this is an excellent blueprint. Muslims can follow all the teachings of Islam. Particularly, in Pakistan, it is easier to practice this religion.




The best thing about the religion is “Taharat”. It is the opposite of najis, things which are impure or in the state of najāsa:-

This concept is unknown to various other religions, including Christianity. With Taharah You can perform an ablution. So you see, the first step is to purify yourself. Which leads to further purification through an ablution. Science tells us that “Wadu” or ablution cleanses the body. Now you can touch the Quran, recite the Salah and establish a connection with Allah.

In today’s time and age, a Wadu(wuzu) is a remedy to various smaller calamities. Especially, in the age of “Fitna” or tribulation, it is pivotal to remain in a state of “Wadu”. Although, Due to sickness or weakness, some people may not be able to achieve such a state. And that is fine too. Islam is the only religion that rewards you for your intentions. Even if you fail to carry out an intended task or deed.

Allah is open when you talk about the scent of heaven:-

Pious people vouch that they sense the scents of heaven. They smell it and it’s wonderful. The fact of the matter is to remain steadfast and on the right path or Sirat-e-Mustaqeem.

A strategy to persuade Allah to love and like you:-

Tears are an ultimate weapon. Whenever you are emotional, you can observe the automatic formulation of tears in your eyes. Tears cleanse the eyes, they have a therapeutic effect on your health.

Ruju or a connection with Allah:-

A continuous communication with the creator is something that we ought to focus on. It is a Must that we use these tools to achieve our aims and objectives as a Muslim.

The only thing that changes the written destiny:-

Prayers have the capacity to change your future. The praying person must have a Halal or non-corrupt mode of income. There are various levels to the acceptance of prayers. We will not go into the details.

Why asking for protection from the Bigger and smaller “Fitna” is the need of the time?

Fitna is a calamity like a sandstorm or a natural disaster. It can be a system or shamelessness. This exists, and to evade this, you might want to lower your gaze and look inwards. For the optimistic people, you can ask for protection from the creator himself. Fitna is everywhere, you will find a detailed explanation of this in various Ahadith.

The most comprehensive code of conduct. Islam elevates the soul and provides freedom to the mind and body. No healing or meditation can come close to the benefits or the performance of the salat/namaz(Link).

A Final Message to Self

It seems as if I have lost touch with reality. I use writing software that has a western origin. Check my work on a free western program or a grammar checker. And try to hide hidden double meaning messages, that are aimed at creating a change. This can be a preliminary wake up call for people from a deep sleep.

The people of a monotheistic religion fail to communicate the true meaning of what they mean. As there are not enough words in the English dictionary. Sufism is a broad term. And there are various levels of ascension. There is only one word in your vocabulary. Likely, because it is not marketable, hip and happening.

Moreover, being arrogant may mean that a person has this as a personality trait. And it confines itself to a limited meaning. Arrogance is permissible for the Creator alone. It is a sin for the people of a monotheistic religion to involve in a crime like “Arrogance = Takabbur”.

You have only one word for it and that there is no strength or depth to it. Especially that may reflect the consequences or may hint at the repercussions. It is a belief that the Miraculous Holy Book (Quran) will remain the same throughout the ages: It is my firm belief that the Quran will, without a doubt, remain the same. Like a miracle, If this is the Creators challenge to Mankind! Then why not adopt Arabic as an international language?

Why persist? Why evade the obvious questions?

I also believe that in this century, people will start reading this Miraculous Holy book. Until then let us try and understand the beautiful message. When I say that there is no being worthy of worship, except the One and only creator. I enter into a cycle of consistent tests. These tests may be financial, psychological and physical. It can be a mini combination of all these burdens. And my theory is simple. The people of the monotheistic religion will need to pass more tests.

They will need to prove themselves, that they are worthy. This may create a differentiating factoring at the end. I also believe that nothing can beat a miracle. And according to various articles on the internet. People believe that reciting the Quran makes you smarter.

The article in focus was a piece that I read about the 10 most influential books that make you smarter. The holy Quran was at number 3. Well, It’s number (1) for me. If we look at it from this perspective. Reading the book makes you intelligent and a better human.

Final Thoughts:

You are my Creator and I am your creation……. With Muslims, you can tell.

O’ Dear Allah,

I know I am not a Perfect Muslim. Is it time? The Time for Kashmir to see freedom? Although, the Killing of innocent Muslims is a common practice in this world. Have you not seen? what this world has done to Syria? Apart from my emotions for this motherland called Pakistan, would you be kind enough to help us?

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