This is unbelievable. The road to self-discovery is not limited to a confined space. A narrow opening or a dead end.

What is a free mind?

To a person who believes in and belongs to a monotheistic religion? it is the continuous seeking of help from the creator himself. Asking for help is easy. And you can Even seek help if you lose a needle. So you see, the path to self-discovery is easier for a 30-year-old.

Furthermore, you do not want a buffer to seek your creator’s help. All this is a mental communication. Yes, this takes place in a higher thought standard. A level that is not known to the materialists. As they count wealth and accumulate things.

A select pattern or a chain of thought that leads you to a discovery. Something that tells you more about yourself. Your reason for existence and your eventuality. It is the wisdom that I seek so that I can hold my horses and analyze the situation. A glimpse into the future. A reflection on the past. And a strong representation in the present. That is how it works for me?

If you can communicate with a higher being, that through signs or signals? then would you need anything else? What could it be? How would you feel? what’s it like? Has this thought ever crossed your imagination? What if you become friends with the King? would you need a dime? or a Trillion? Would you need any other help? Would you become invincible?

Answering the question?

The hidden answer to that question is for me and my readers to discover. This is the beauty of self-discovery. We may philosophize around various concepts and understandings. And also discover a thing or two.

The path to self-discovery is unique and transparent. It is unique because the person experiencing the changes? involves in a deep thinking. And the transparency comes from the connection itself. This can be difficult to comprehend. As all emotions are? Especially, the ones like Love, Pain, Fear, and Joy.




In the previous decade? I was not as enlightened. And that is true. But, when it comes to losing something that you love? You go through a transformation. This love can be for your country! Let us assume that I want to force on you that I love my country. And that I want you to Love my country. Would it be as simple as that?

No, I would want to focus on a strategy to help you understand my love. So that it motivates you in a conducive and a friendly environment. And it also encourages you to follow my path to self-discovery.


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My reflection –

In the beginning, you land on my page and read a few words. But my true success lies in converting you into a friend. At the end of your journey and once you finish reading. And we meet there with an ever-increasing need to Love Pakistan!

This is To Health, Happiness, And Success. You will discover yourself sooner than you think. This path will have some minute hurdles but, I promise you, that you will be with a better you and a better me.

Islam, Pakistan & Pak Army Zindabad.

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