This is unbelievable. The road to self-discovery is not limited to a confined space. A narrow opening or a dead end.


In the previous decade? I was not as enlightened. And that is true. But, when it comes to losing something that you love? You go through a transformation. This love can be for your country! Let us assume that I want to force on you that I love my country. And that I want you to Love my country. Would it be as simple as that?

No, I would want to focus on a strategy to help you understand my love. So that it motivates you in a conducive and a friendly environment. And it also encourages you to follow my path to self-discovery.

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My reflection –

In the beginning, you land on my page and read a few words. But my true success lies in converting you into a friend. At the end of your journey and once you finish reading. And we meet there with an ever-increasing need to Love Pakistan!

This is To Health, Happiness, And Success. You will discover yourself sooner than you think. This path will have some minute hurdles but, I promise you, that you will be with a better you and a better me.

Islam, Pakistan & Pak Army Zindabad.

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