Chi is a life force. It is akin to a Rooh or a spirit in English. The great power of Chi has the capacity to heal. We know what a Rooh is and what it is not? Rooh is not confined to time and space. It is free and expands beyond our imagination.

The traveling capability and its role in a living body:

This is exactly what differentiates it from a corpse. The Rooh is an important teacher. And like the body, this may need a solid effort. Especially, by working towards nourishing it and also by nurturing it.

There is nothing to be afraid of:

A Rooh or a spirit contributes to the positive development of a religious aura. A light that resonates from a body. Which, is only for the other enlightened people to see.


Zallimu Fana Fila


Can a normal human like you and me achieve this?

Yes, this is achievable. But, there are certain IMF( The Monetary Fund) conditionalities attached. They are difficult to accept for the normal public. The Indian narrative is the worst when it comes to a spirit. So you see, there is no compulsion.

The technology that we use today does send out some signals somewhere. The U.S technology will send signals to the C.I.A. Ill explain what I mean in my blog posts to follow. That with research and proof. I.A – For now, let us categorize me into a conspiracy theorist. And I am proud of it.

The keyboards that you use, the Apple earphones, are all part of this A.I. Anyways, let us see and extract the proof first. If you look at it this way? The software updates? what are they? a subscription or an email registration? A manufacturing of the next war. And that through Data. The U.S has a Laser technology, they can sit there and incinerate any part of the world. And this is one of the technologies that they have.

My question is? Why would the Almighty help the Muslims?

There is no reason. I talk about my self. And I believe that we need to focus on becoming a better Muslim and please the creator. Because there is a minimal resistance that a developing country can put up. With all our threads and our data, we are mere puppets.

This section covers the good news:

The bad news is Over. The bright side to this equation is simple. You still have a free will. You can STOP using their tech products. And halt trade and agreements with their government and their companies. This can be the least resistance that you can offer. And this can have a collective impact. Once, your friends begin to follow.

The general public also needs to identify their talents. And use their full potential. For instance, I can write, and I am using that to my best advantage. In a similar manner, you can use your marketing or business minds, and street smartness.

The U.S has grabbed half of the land mass of this planet earth. Why? So much space for one race? Are they above any of us? The answer is a BIG NO! These people devise better policies. And that is it.

Even if this is not the end. You are still pushed for time. I also believe that they are pathetic with the Black population. Aren’t these people human? In my religion, there is no differentiation between any color. Then what is it? why my religion and its followers are being manhandled? Even when this was the perfect solution to the problems of mankind.

It is time that we rediscover the true genius of this religion. This is the near future destiny of this world. The welfare of the public is important. You do not keep on living after watching poor hungry people dying of malnutrition. And an inadequate supply of water.

Shame on You, if you are a Decision Maker

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