The Alamnaak Shaky:

To begin with, It is always a combined effort. The collective impact of a social accountability is more. We live in a world of heterogeneity. This requires a well thought out plan. I have nothing against Mr. Sheikh. All I am saying is; you cannot use force to achieve your own objectives. That on the price of the government or the Party that you hopped into. P.T.I has nothing to do with these people and I am sure. This is not their vision. As there is much clarity in it.




Let us review the example of Tribune and the disinformation that they spread. The famous newspaper journal and website Glorifies Mr. Aleem Adil (Shaky). This is a critical question mark for Lakhani. In this Article:


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Haleem Adil Shaikh and several others have been booked in two FIRs on Saturday for vandalizing a private school in Ibrahim Hyderi and intervening in official duty.

Two separate cases were registered at the Ibrahim Hyderi police station – FIR No 10/18 was registered on behalf of the state while FIR No 11/18 was registered on behalf of the school administration. Multiple sections of the Pakistan Penal Code such as sections 147, 148, 149, 117, 152, 153, 336, 452, 427, 186, 353 and 337 were placed in the FIRs.

“PTI’s senior executive vice-president Haleem Adil Shaikh and PTI’s local president Jamila Baloch are among around 35 others booked in the FIRs,” said Ibrahim Hyderi DSP Irfan Zaman. “We have booked them for disturbing the law and order situation, vandalizing the school, rioting, beating up a watchman and intervening in official police duty.”

The role of the Police:

DSP Zaman said that the police are looking for footage to identify the other suspects – either P.T.I workers or local residents – who vandalized the school, adding that Shaikh and the others took the law into their own hands. No arrests have been made yet, as the police are waiting for instructions from higher authorities.

Furthermore, the School guard allegedly assaults the five-year-old girl in Karachi: MF Grammar High School, later, was vandalized on Friday and its watchman was severely beaten up by a crowd in Ibrahim Hyderi after rumors of a minor girl’s molestation spread.

A mob gathered outside the school and first chanted slogans against the administration and then turned violent. The crowd locked the staff in the staff room and began breaking furniture and smashing windows.

Promoting the mob mentality:

The mob also caught hold of the watchman and beat him up. The law enforcers, however, took custody of the watchman and shifted him to the police station for questioning. The watchman is still in police custody and, according to DSP Zaman, no case has been registered. The girl’s family has already refused to register a case, dispelling rumors of sexual abuse.

Shaikh strongly condemned the registration of the FIR against him. “The police only registered two cases against me. I don’t care if the police register 200 cases against me because I am fighting for the protection and rights of our daughters and sisters,” he said. “Since last year, a number of cases of molestation, sexual harassment, and rape of minor children have occurred in District Malir. My party was forcing the police to take action for the elimination of such incidents and to arrest culprits but the police registered cases against me to force me to withdraw my support,” he alleged.

Mocking the rule of Law:

He called the FIRs political victimization by the Pakistan Peoples Party-led government. Addressing a joint press conference at the Karachi Press Club with other PTI leaders Khurrum Sher Zaman, Jameel Ahmed and Jay Parkash Ukrani, Shaikh said he had nothing to do with the mob that entered the school. He claimed he rescued the guard who was about to be lynched by the mob.

Source: Tribune if they do not delete this or change it.

Our Correspondents

Published: January 14, 2018

Finally, Not happening, Bro! I request a prompt action against this Almanac Shaky. I suggest a prompt action because in a way Tribune is supporting his wrong actions. And they are providing a justification for taking the law in your own hands. A wrong message by the Tribune. I rest my case.


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