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With the most recent Prime Ministers speech. The public will reap the benefits of promoting a religious/ faith tourism in Pakistan. Pakistan welcomes the Sikh community, as per the P.M’s Latest speech.

My Question is somewhat related to this. And with all due respect for the Sikh community:

All Sikh Gurus since Guru Nanak have worn turbans. Yet, covering one’s hair with a turban was made an official policy by Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Guru of the Sikhs. So let us pick up the identity section for a Muslim woman. And by choice? what if she gets encouraged to wear a Hijab?

If other communities can wear a turban? why can’t the Muslim women or any other women out of their own free will and choice wear a Hijab? It is an observation that this is the first step towards accepting Islam.

This is one example. There are thousands, if not millions of examples like this. Some people do not prefer to make it public. The point is simple. There is a dress code for every occasion. The first step for me is to identify and determine the right dress code. What is my identity as a Muslim? Am I over or under dressed? Will my enlightened moderation malign the name of practicing Muslims? Having said that, vulgarity is definitely in the mind and it is psychological. But, it is also my responsibility not to encourage it.

The take away is a simple food for thought. Even an uneducated person will stick to his roots. He has a valid justification for his actions. With clarity, He can say that: I am uneducated! If this is moderation? then I choose not to enlighten myself. This blog aims to reunite people and touch a chord or a harmonic set of pitches in music. One that lightens and decreases the destructive mindset.

The Golden Age:

This age is important. Because being a believer of the Almighty is much more fun. I am also important because, if I don’t tell you all this? who will? You are free to practice any religion that you want. But as a Muslim, I do not want any external interference.

Furthermore, I may choose not to interfere in your religion. So you see, you will have to listen to my message and hear me out. The main reason is; that the international propaganda machinery maligns my religion. Plus this is the right time to speak up for the perfect solution. By the way, there are two types of people in this world. One is a believer and the other one is a pessimist. I choose to be an optimist. And I believe that things will soon become favorable for ALL the Muslims I.A.

You can observe various twists and turns, that in my poetic expression of the current problems that we face?

What if the readers are as important as the message itself? This is a turning point, for most nations. As they have to choose their loyalty or pick a side. I foresee a Chinese European Union? what do you see?

Think About it!


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