The automotive aftermarket is the secondary market of the automotive industry. That deals with the manufacturing, remanufacturing, distribution, retailing. And installation of all vehicle parts, equipment, and accessories.

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I’ll be sharing the latest trends and happenings in the Auto Industry in this space:


The number of registered vehicles on the road in Karachi may exceed 2.21 million. The urban area of Karachi occupies 1,800 km² out of the city district’s 3,528 km². Although, the traffic situation is not an ideal proposition. With looming health hazards that air pollution may cause. On the brighter side, you can witness a motorcycle section on Shahrah-e-Faisal. And that is encouraging.

Putting a ban on more than one car for a single household is crucial. As you already know? That various countries have shifted their focus to bicycles to commute. This saves fuel, reduces pollution, and makes you healthy.

Here is a look at the TOP automobile manufacturers:

8th place: Honda Motor. …
7th place: Fiat-Chrysler. …
6th place: Ford Motor. …
5th place: Hyundai-Kia. …
4th place: Nissan-Renault Group. …
3rd place: Volkswagen Group. …
2nd place: General Motors. …
1st place: Toyota Motor. 2014 Toyota Corolla S.

Each year we waste tonnes of metal, lubricants, and petrol. And as a result, increase our home-grown problems. You already have the solution to this problem. But, this will be more about the transition and the adaptability. That for the general public.

The Example of a person who wakes up in the U.K

This world needs a global pollution strategy. A person who wakes up in the United Kingdom does add to environmental pollution. Likely, let us assume that he/she goes to a lecture or a seminar on global warming. This encourages him to quit using polythene bags. Thus, at some level, the global gentry is somewhat more aware.




The electric cars are expensive. And there is a strong need for a generic solution. A solution that can help you and me reach our destinations. I can not imagine traveling on a bicycle from Karachi to Lahore.

What is the solution to this? Plant more trees?

A Billion Tree Tsunami is exactly what we needed. The gardeners and environmentalists will have to make sure that the trees survive.

Authors Note:

This Blog post will complete the chain of blogging and writing informative articles. That for a full year. You embark on a journey, knowing a few basic things. And you try your level best to make the most out of that opportunity.

I will be continuing this blog for at least one more year. This will be a challenge. As I will have to come up with new topics to discuss. This challenge may present an opportunity for me. That to re-imagine and reshape my writing. Drop the flaws and polish my writing capabilities. At the beginning of 2017, I did not know that I could write. One thing led to the other. And I am still learning like a mouse who will find his cheese.

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