The 250+ I.Q of a Cremarketer?

This is a unique concept. With the ever-increasing need to refocus your marketing strategies. And to survive in this world. That of Cutthroat Global advertising, re-branding, re-positioning, and de-marketing.
You can use this unique strategy to block the marketing of your opponents. And in-turn, position and market your self. That as a smooth transition. You are appreciative of the marketing strategies that an opponent suggests. But, you must have at least three alternative strategies to counteract each one.


With that in mind, Cremarketing will allow you to position your products. That through awareness and through counter arguing the benefits that your competitors provide. This also means that you will not focus on marketing your own strategies. But, questioning the strategies that your opponents or competitors advertise for.
This may be a mixture of demoralizing the employees, spreading disinformation, or meddling with the statistics or data. This concept is unique. Because, today, it is becoming difficult to retain the loyalty of an employee. With money, you can buy the loyalty of a corrupt employee.
Guerrilla Marketing and telemarking the competitor is a thought from the past. With Cremarketing you will want to have a group of expert ethical hackers, hypnotists, social engineers and politicians on your side.
These people will sell their corrupt loyalty. That for a piece of land or a special price. Cremarketing can be a false thought download, a wrong code, or a false error report. This will take place in a masterminds play area. And this individual can choose not to share this information.
So Cremarketing can be an effective tool in the backpack of a marketer. We live in an age of information theft. This is a major concern for Cremarketers. The average I.Q of a Cremarketer is beyond the man-made tests, to measure intelligence. But, I can only hope to reach that level of intelligence. That of a professional Cremarketer.

Final thoughts:

The poor people need to get their creative minds to work. Start thinking of novel methodologies of doing business. The old models are stale and they stand on a weak structure. The last and the most difficult/beautiful part of Cremarketing is that you cannot prove it in a court of law.

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