A Crest and a Trough – In a similar instance, light brings happiness and rectitude. It is the opposite of darkness. If there was an infinite war between light and the darkness? Who will conceive the final victory?

You have your select perception about the drying of leaves, the springs, and winters. The basic weathers that mankind must enjoy. Then, at the end of it, who wins? Is it the light or the darkness.? Would you need a supercomputer that is accurate enough to predict?

With the minuscule size or a sharp ray of light. And you may agree or disagree? Would break the monotonous kingdom of darkness.


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The intensity of this medium of light is stronger. As it is stupid to compare the opposites. For example, let us assume that there is a pitch black darkness under 6 feet of earth. Will the wind help light? Reach the part where the kingdom of darkness begins? Will the other elements help light? Cheer it to eventuality or to balance the equation?

Can darkness gather enough depth and hollowness? To finally put up an excellent fight with the bright light? What will it take? for both the light and the darkness to collide and finish one or the other.

Can the truth and lies be the final deciding factor? Does this mean that truth is light and lying is the deep hollow darkness? Would it also mean that bravery and cowardice will collide? Well, would you have enough life to witness that?

Let’s reanalyze light? What if light triumphs? Will that be the end of darkness? Haven’t we seen enough of the depressing darkness?


Following a chain of thought can help you discover a hidden puzzle. Something that hides behind the observable truths. I may cheer LIGHT, as it can lead to the truth and the eventuality.

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