If we compare the qualities of a pen and a sword.? The sharpness of the blade of a sword depends on the skill of a blade-smith.

For the rest of us:

Bladesmithing is the art of making knives, swords, daggers, and other blades. That by using a forge, hammer, anvil, and other smithing tools. The Sharper curves make it a formidable weapon in the hands of a Kakezai. You can read more about the Tribe Here: Kakezai




Furthermore, the most war ready tribe; or The Pashtuns are protective. The people are rich with a remarkable level of self-respect and integrity. Known for their hospitality, and for protecting their women and children. The Pashtuns are the same people who defeated Russia in (1979-89) and now the U.S.A in Afghanistan.

I am happy to announce that it is a proud moment. Defeating Two superpowers one after the other. This bloodline is also not an ordinary lineage. You will find some misleading articles on the internet. Do a thorough research and from an authenticated source.

As a Fighter:

They are the best fighters in any circumstance, combat zone or war situation. Their true strength lies in the character that they own. They are more like a huge well-knit family. And this is one of their core strengths. The enemies who believe that they can create a divide? that among Pakistanis? Have a look at this Pashtun case study!

My irrevocable love or reverence for the Pashtuns is as multi-faceted as it is unique. The Tribesmen are Brave commanders and that is nothing, but inspirational. A lot of false propaganda has surfaced in the past. But, trust me, that’s not true. As it was to prevent them from getting their point across. And to prevent them from having an equal representation on international forums.

Pashtun society is communal (group-oriented). Their code defines the way members should behave to keep the tribe together. Hospitality is important. As is the use of the tribal council (Jirga) to resolve conflicts and make decisions.

Let us Listen to and have a look at this (Pashtun) song:

The Lyrics for Ya Qurban depict the beautiful emotion of Love for another Human-

دمنکې غاړې شنه لمن ې سپېنه کنه

Da mangi ghAra ye shna, laman ye speena kana

Her clay pitcher has a green neck and white base………

بل په غاړې ځانګیبذی تاویزونه کنه

Bal pa ghAra ye zangeegi tAweezuna kana

And amulets are swinging around her neck………


Right now, and it is about time. That we learn an important lesson from the Pashtuns. Like the Pashtuns, the global Muslim narrative was weak in the past. So we got a label. That of being a terrorist.

Final Thoughts:

The Pashtuns are humans. Like you and me. You know a completely different Pashtun story. Because you were presented with the wrong information.

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