Let us now have a look at a dark song that I am listening to as I write this. This song has a haunted feel to it. In it, the Ramz signifies a general symbol. Here are three definitions of a symbol:

n. A visible sign or representation of an idea. Something that suggests an idea or quality, as by resemblance or by convention. It can be an emblem; a representation; a type; a figure.

n. Any character used to represent a quantity, an operation, a relation.

n. An abstract or compendium of faith or doctrine; a creed, or a summary of the articles of religion.

The song is a musical masterpiece by the Hunza Folk and the Hunzai’s Mann Studio. The song reflects on a journey. You are adding things to your backpack. As the journey has started. You do not know much about the hurdles and excavations or hollow pits.

The Drink of Courage:

The poet discusses the drink of courage or to drink the sweet drink of courage. And go for it. This Urdu song has the power to change. It can alter your thoughts and get you hooked. You will listen to this, at least twice.

The powerful message of the song overpowers the vocals. As in any other case, the power of the lyrics does have a deep-rooted impression. You keep reflecting or thinking about the phenomenal message. It sticks to you, as it may create a lasting impact. The songs with a haunted touch do that. The effect is new and unprecedented. It is also a fresh feeling of wellness.

The guitar management is excellent. An Octave is one complete set of the twelve notes. C, C#/Db, D, D#/Eb, E, F, F#/Gb, G, G#/Ab, A, A#/Bb and B. From a C to the next closest C is a gap of one octave. In terms of the guitar, this is twelve frets on one string. It is unclear if the lyrics represent a human’s love or the love of a higher astral being. This can well be a humans love.

Final thoughts

The Music is a code in itself. It is the pure representation or a unique mixture or a concoction. That of the feelings and aspirations of the vocalists or artists.

A Suggestion:

Rubab, robab or rabab is a lute-like musical instrument originating from central Afghanistan. An inclusion of this instrument adds to the spirit of this song.


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