Authors Note: With top business magnates who promote ideas like “we were college dropouts”. And that they do not believe in the education system. You will see more people turning to self-education and the literacy rates may drop. A freedom of expression is good?

Let us, now, go back in the embryonic phase of a fresh student, who is in school. Would it not be better to design a targeted test system? one that focuses on pinpointing & analyzing the bent of the students. Why waste years of educating them in subjects that the student do not care about? My suggestion is simple. Stop teaching and start discovering!
It can come as a surprise to see that your best students will refocus their strategies to score. That to become a waste manager or a janitor. With this small tactic, you can put creativity to work.

The environment:

By creating a conducive environment for students. And by encouraging them to do what they love. So the main focus in the first ten years at school would be to discover the bent and interest of a student.

Even if they want to become a simple retail-clerk? You can provide them with all the necessary tools that they need to become the best retail-clerk in the world. By helping them discern the true potential of a proper store management? and by helping them realize and become a tech-savvy store management scientist.

This will mean that you will need a revolutionary amount of individual assessment. Let us say that each class in a school dedicates their first hour to “what I want to become in life?” projects. And they discuss the topics that are pertinent.

With this example, the teachers can focus on discovering the true potential. The students can involve in a creative brainstorming session and this can add an element of fun.
My theory is to reaffirm the students. If a student picks up to be a construction specialist? that out of a list of occupations. Then the task becomes easier. You must reinforce and reassure them, wherever possible.

Spilling the beans:

And with this method, you spend the first ten years, discovering the potential. With the right testing? The students will show a prominent sign of progress. What happens when you discover the potential or the aspiration or a bent? You start providing them with the relevant opportunities. Tasks that will enhance the mastery over that subject.

Before anything else, this system can run parallel to the normal schooling routine. You will need specialized teachers and psychologists. By the end of the term, the expert educationists will have identified the calling of each student.

You will have more fields to cover and a better pool of specialized human resource. These students, and once they become a productive member of society? Will love what they do and be competent enough to not give into a wastage like corruption.

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