“Doubt makes a man decent.” 
― Harry Crews

Living in nature helps prevent disease. If your doctor tells you to “take a hike,” you may want to listen.                                                                                                     Source: Forbes – Link Forbes

In good faith, the intelligence has advanced and with A.I. We are a step closer to replacing a chain of hard work. With people relying on technology? You have more time! Time can manufacture a sabbatical, a trip that can help you transform and improve.

You can go on a trip, far-far away. I may suggest that you try this from your office, by learning for a year. Learn, read and write in your office. Fill the 4 GB of your Kindle’s hard drive. That from managing a personal zoo to anything that you can lay your hands on.

Why go to war for the attainment or a quest for knowledge?

It’s never enough. You learn and you become better at something or you can solve a difficult problem. A burden that may lessen itself. A difficult concept that you never understood? Breaking the code of life itself. Knowledge will bring light to the darkest places in a brain.

Who is a thirsty knowledge seeker?

Cant, you tell? people who are a mine of stupid questions. They have a question for all your answers, plus it seems like a never-ending story.

From the “Cradle to the Grave”:

The example of a bronze medal may suffice. A candidate falls short of getting a silver or a gold medal. He/she may search for a path that feeds their ego. A journey that will not only justify their underachievement but also help them cope. The gold medalists might want to maintain their victory over the silver and bronze.




A family may survive with a defined set of values. The menage will thrive, only if it has roots. That may have its offshoots in religion. Being arrogant or pompous may mean that it is a part of a personality trait.

Making a plan of education for yourself:

Let us assume that you want to complete your PhD. in actuarial sciences. In a hypothetical circumstance? You might want to write down your achievements. You might also want to design a map or a trajectory. At 50 years of age? have you managed to touch that predefined goal? You must have an alternative plan of action. That can supplement your shortcomings and in turn, help you reach your goal.

There is no single method to define this plan. You can be someone with an active intelligence or you can even be a hardworking individual. The epitome of success in education may depend upon your mental/Intellectual giftedness.


Do you lose when you fall short? No! You were striving to improve your self. Even if you fail? you are already less improved. No one loses in this journey- You rise and shine. Victory is at your feet. And there is zero competition. You have reached this sort of space because you had a plan of educating or you aimed high.

Final Thoughts:

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