The Power of Ideas:

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any unsystematic and unscientific usage of Binaural beats.

More Ideas

You can use a special beat to stimulate the brain or instill intelligence into the children. The children may listen to this beat or sound, for once or a single time in their lifetime. This can help the students become good at studies or concentration. You will need a lot of time, research and resources to help this proposition reach fruition.

This is already out there. The tricky part is to design the speakers or a delivery mechanism. Then you have the reflection in sound like that of light. Laws of reflection of light are applicable to sound waves as well: The incident wave, the normal to the reflecting surface and the reflected wave. And the point of incidence lies in the same plane. The angle of incidence ∠i is equal to the angle of reflection ∠r.

So, our basic challenge is to design a delivery mechanism:

Here is a look at some other ideas:

Send cute boxes in the enemy area. Use mini parachutes and once they land! The locals pick them up. They open a box and the same indistinguishable sound, that at its max intensity creates an impact. Warfare of this sort is also common where countries send waves, radioactive material etc.

You can also use gases to sabotage the health of the enemy area. The sky is the limit. Manufacturing an artificial earthquake or a Tsunami is becoming easier with technology. You can reflect heat on an area by using some large-scale reflectors.

But, what is the use of all this? Destruction! War gives birth to an unrest and a sense of resentment. You can not forget the destructive Hiroshima Nagasaki nuking. The keyword here is PEACE. With the passage of time, you will discover a new way to maintain your dominance on the weaker lot. But somehow, the equation does balance itself. You win some and you lose some. Some may argue that ” We do it as an act of self-defense”.


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