Let us not paint a rosy picture -The roads are all broken

To reach Shahrah-e-Faisal? that from D.H.A, there is this shortcut. You can take this route to reach the said Shahrah. This is one of the longest Main roads in Karachi. It is 18 kilometers long from Hotel Metropole to the Star Gate. Having said that, in my university days, I used to take this shortcut, that to commute. The area under focus is the Qayummabad and Azam Basti. Which is behind DHA Phase 1 and you also have Fatima Jinnah Dental college situated there. This is an alarming state of affairs in Sindh. The roads are like an earthquake has hit this area.

You can use a carrot and stick approach of management

Especially in situations where people do not listen

With all due respect, the destructive mindset is not limited to not helping others. You can observe a sense of enmity between small groups in Saddar. It is ideal not to trust the electricians with your expensive T.V’s and equipment. Mainly, because repairing them is not an easy task. And as these people are only technical. They open the products to void the warranty and fail to get the problem fixed.

In short, you cannot win from them. The shop owners are not cooperative and some are criminal minded. Anyways, my latest T.V project went to waste because of the incompetence of that entire area. This shop in particular.




Final Thoughts:

The irony is that the shop owner only had to flash the T.V and he couldn’t even do that. Once again, the unhygienic conditions at Saddar are disconcerting. Let them be and move on I guess.

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