Disclaimer: They hear and see everything. The I.S.I is the best intelligence agency in the world. The symbol, that of a Markhor.

Let us put it this way: Who designs the training for the I.S.I?

The content of this blog post is a layman’s assessment. That of the most powerful Intelligence Agency of the world. As a 33-year-old and by living in Karachi for 25 years. I believe that there is a special force that protects. These phenomenal agents live among us. They can be a family member or a friend. And in general, the people of the I.S.I stay hidden from the general public. They perform their regular duties as per their training and they move to their next mission. To what I have learned? the people of the I.S.I must survive. Intelligence or information is a vital ingredient. A rigorous and quick assessment of a situation is the key. When the phenomenal agents run out of pertinent info.? as an alternative, they must rely on their intuitive abilities. All these are my general assumptions.




Good Luck! My Dear Agents:

A wrong decision will have its repercussions. But there is no problem that you cannot solve. Then again, if this is my assessment? that of a government body? then how can we improve the I.S.I? Especially by incorporating the latest technology and equipping the agents. What will the effect of technology be? will it multiply the performance of a single agent? I am not saying that they do not already know this! But there is always a room for improvement.

It is difficult to confine and limit the I.S.I to a single front or domain. They work on all the major fronts and under synchronicity. I believe they are on a mission. And my knowledge of the I.S.I is as limited as my intellect. They are a secretive organization.


The training must revolve around human engineering, social experimentation, and socio-psychological grooming. For instance, in the greater plan, if a country or a group of people become a threat or a potential threat? then it is quite probable that this organization may come up with a befitting response.

Brilliant and Impressive! isn’t it?

Final Thoughts:

This is my perception of what they do. No one knows what and how they do it? A miracle protects Pakistan & The I.S.I is that miracle. Good Job.

And Pakistan Zindabad

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