This can well be a thought download and bear no resemblance to any character living or dead.


They do not know what to do with him. So they decide to make him pass a small test and enroll him at a special program/position in the ISI. Well, this can be a straight forward douchebaggery. I talk about this writing prompt.

Now my point is simple If this kid exists? then he must be all grown up now? Has the Army tried to kill him ever since? or have they designed a mechanism to control this Frankenstein? Only Allah knows well.

What if this Frankenstein wants to get rid of the bad people from Pakistan? What if he runs the show? It’s quite simple. You cannot destroy him. Having said that, it is quite probable that this entity is beyond the control of the Army. And they do not know what to do with him? It will take ages to explain this miracle to a non-muslim. Even some Muslims won’t believe what they read.

It is astonishing to me that this idea came into my mind and imagination. This is close to impossible. Even if this superhuman exists? Then why isn’t the Army unleashing it on to India? It is quite probable that they are preparing him? grooming his mind to perfection.

I know this prompt is closer to an impossibility for most of my readers. And Writing this is as haywire as it sounds. My question is? What if you get an eternal life? What is the first thing that you will do? does this eternal life become boring after a while? Well, I welcome people to start thinking.

This is the right way to go! Things can get dirty!

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