Why be a party to this?

Awareness raising (or consciousness-raising), is the act of info-enlightening the masses. That about your cause and campaign, whilst hoping to instigate action. Especially, from them in return or to have them better informed. You can use these awareness campaigns to reduce the crime rate. Plus, this can also help the public with the necessary knowledge that they need.

Furthermore, It is a common practice to intervene, especially in developed countries. They tackle a problem according to the priority. And the intensity of it being hazardous. We face various challenges in 2019. Some problems will take more than 5 years to solve, and As I have already suggested a basic system. That to record all your experiments for the convenience of the managers to follow.

I have also suggested making the system transparent for research. You can improve the quality of research by investing in bright students and children. I have also suggested some tips for character building in my previous posts.

It is better to use my writing to encourage and create optimism. I am also hopeful that this suggestion will not go to waste. The international public is more aware of what is going on. But, we have only, recently started building a narrative and creating awareness. As a peace-loving citizen of Pakistan, I know for sure, that we are a bit late. And the decision makers will have to be agile and take some quick measures.

You know for sure that awareness is a part of education. The realization or cognizance will ricochet or channelize the public in a desirable direction.

Hence proved.


More awareness campaign can create a sense of ownership. They can have a macro impact on the well being of our society. This can also reduce crime rates and make a significant impact on the health of the general public.

It is a little too soon to start criticizing the government. Awareness will help this government unravel the various puzzles. Running an awareness campaign can equally help the public and the government officials. It can be about anything else as well. These problems may be internal or external. Also, Karachi needs more plantations and greenery! Please HELP! Thanks

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