Yes, it is. The true beauty of a country lies in its people. The people are some of the most grit-rich people. But, there has to be something else? as you cannot categorize them in the grit parameters alone. How can you differentiate them?


If you take my word for it, I live in Karachi and it is the most peaceful areas to live in. Well, the traffic is something that bugs me, but after a while, you get used to it. The literacy rate of Karachi was 65% in 2005. With an internet connection in almost every household. In 2019, it must have reached a 70-80% or more.

What is an Academic talent:

When I started this Blog, back in 2017. I did not know much about anything. But, once you make a habit of researching and cross-checking the information? You can conquer any front.

Academic talent is something unique. Their ability to perform well on tasks that need higher-level thinking. This implies a high academic ability and potential.

I request The Guinness Book of World records to take a long look at the number of words that I have completed. We can make this a 150,000-word blog for bringing the title to Pakistan.

I also request the Pakistani Government to help me take this blog to the next level. Having said that, most people will tell you ” To practice writing”. The first step is to make a goal. Set a high target, even if you fail? you will still reach the stars. I am not looking for an elevated position. This is a simple suggestion to bring more world records to Pakistan.

I did not prepare my self to write 100,000 words. ATM, this blog is at 91,000 words. As a hardworking Pakistani, there are Millions of thing that we are better at. And why not set a record?

One Individual has written all this. All the guest posts are proofread and edited by that single person. Guinness Book of world records is asking for a registration fee?? If any sponsor has an interest in bringing this record to Pakistan. Then you are most welcome.

I appreciate the efforts that world record holders put in? And also let us beat the U.S.A at this title. Most words written or the maximum number of words….. Good Luck!

Here is the Link to the Record that I know I can Break:

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