This drawing portrays the thought process of a creative worker. It can be a carpenter, a designer or an artist. I have not completed the image, and for a strong reason. This image depicts a unique pattern of thinking. A reflection that has a depth to it. And it resembles an unfinished business.

Most of you may agree that a thought process is never complete. There is always a room for more colourful thoughts. The impressions, images or perceptions allow us to roam around and live in a creative place. In our minds, we are able to develop a cosy space. A space that will help us remove the barriers to our imaginations.

What happens when a mind is free for a careless flow of imagination?

You begin to reflect. But for a good reason, the creativity starts, where the thought process ends. Once you are there? you can now create a drawing, paint, write, and contemplate.

A remarkable, digital treasure:

You can accumulate a treasure of words and art. During the course, and once you are on your way. The journey can become easier, but only for the hard workers.

Final Thoughts:

The structure of this article is simple. To Draw and discuss the art work in a few words.

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