Digital Art History:

In 1985, the first digital art or a drawing of Debbie Harry materializes. That with the help of a video camera and digitization. A monochrome formation that later digitized into a graphics program called ProPaint.

I find it difficult to draw on my version of photoshop. There can be a couple of reasons. One, likely, my laptop is slow and laggy. Two, photoshop does not support foreign drivers that you need. Especially, to run low -cost tablets or digital drawing pads.


Either way, an open source, which means that the top devs. test Krita to improve its functionality. With a released source code under a license, and if you know how to code? then, there is no limit.

In my experience, there is an unnoticeable lag while using Krita. This can be a computer glitch.


To Summarize:

You get what you pay for! Nonetheless, with gratitude, I thank Krita for helping me create great art. The tablet is not that important, and even your drawing software like Krita is free.

Suggestion: Why not give drawing a try. According to Rameezism ” You will like Art, Plus the average salary of a digital artist is $35,500/Year.”

A stat from ZipRecruiter.com


“Have no fear of perfection—you’ll never reach it.” – …
“Digital design is like painting, except the paint never dries.”

Digital Art Websites:

Lim Chuan Shin is one of the best in the trade.


The weird people who like drawing anime. Yes, you can do that too. So, what are you waiting for? get a $30 tablet and start drawing.

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