Copywriting Masterplan – How to create Hooks?

I adore Copywriting. This writing has changed the way I look at the world. You can enjoy reading this blog post, and at the very end, have an understanding of the tricks that you may apply.

The copywriting Books that you can read:

Reading is a crucial component in acquiring a skill that you may want.

Recommended books :

  1. Confessions of an Advertising Man

Book by David Ogilvy

2. How to Write a Good Advertisement

Book by Victor O. Schwab

Copywriting portfolio Examples:

Once you have the theory sorted? Now, you can delve into the subject.

  1. Use high-res photos
  2. Include your best work
  3. Be versatile by adding value
  4. Bring more to the table
  5. Repeat

In other words, you might want to apply creativism. It is the application of creativity into everything you do.

Read more about Creativism Here.

How start your career? Copywriting (Freelance) Jobs:

Spec ads

This section will discuss; “what is Copywriting in marketing?”:

A Copy plays a major role in content marketing and once you identify a plan that works for you. The biggest content marketers in the trade are:, HubSpot and Copy Hackers

You can read some of their earlier blog posts to get a grip of the ideal practices in content marketing.

Copywriting V.S Content writing:

Content writing is not copywriting. You need to wear a separate hat for both the forms of marketing. Content writing is writing articles, social media posts, or any form of text that you need. It is the most basic form of marketing. But, a copy will use a strategy to convert and get traction.

The human touch and gauging the attentiveness of your readers:

You will have to assess, tweak and reanalyze your strategies to something that works. By that, I mean a simple sale or a conversion.

Copywriting Examples:


The Hustle’s email opt-in page

A Professional Copywriting Service:

Rameezism started off with a desire to convert the way people think. After completing 100,000 words, and creating something that the reader may love. You can Drop me a message to get at least 3 errors fixed in your Ad. copy.

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