The black dragon in a scarlet sky

Dragons and warriors own a unique bonding. In movies, you may see an emotional affinity between a dragon and a warrior. They are mere imaginary characters. Something that may exist, but, only in your imagination.

Dragons are a mixture of goannas, dinosaurs, and crocs. They also look like a huge lizard.

You see them in movies and get inspired by their flying capabilities. While others can even breathe or spitfire. In this piece, I have hand drawn a unique dragon. A serpent ready to spit fire. It is a rough piece that is incomplete. It would have taken an entire afternoon to draw the background in the image. A lot of patience is necessary and it requires a lot of attention to detail.

You can see Dragons in movies in Europe. Likely, the big screen needs various imaginary characters to sell popcorn. In a similar fashion, monsters are becoming commonplace. That in various larger than life movie projects.



To conclude, A dragon does not exist and the practical-minded person may find it funny to see flying animations. With heavy spending on the manipulation of simple toys.
A black dragon in a red sky.

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