In a similar manner, the best digital artist is a person who combines a bunch of imperfect lines. That to create a mental stimulation for his audience. Digital is a refreshing medium to express yourself. The design and aesthetics are also changing.

  1. A design Solves a problem
  2. It is universal
  3. It focuses on the design characteristics

An artist can be a designer, but it is not necessary for a designer to also be an artist. If it is a haunted house that you want your viewer to see? then it must have squeaky floors. This also means that you may add relevance to an image, design, video, or a movie.


A design must have relevance. That to the project, the client’s requirement, and to the greater whole. Designers can offer a cohesion in their work. Something that separates them from the rest. The best quote for a Digital Artist or a designer:

  1. Practice makes perfect.
  2. Don’t you look forward to the chanting of an audience?

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