OMG, so no other country in the world has an international cricket world cup winner as the Prime Minister.

Pakistan won the world cup in 1992. ‘The final of the 1992 ICC Cricket World Cup was played at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne on 25 March 1992.

The match was won by Pakistan, under the captaincy of P.M Imran Khan, as they defeated England by 22 runs to lift their first ever World Cup trophy.

My favorite team is The “Sri Lanka” cricket team:

I would love to physically play cricket as it is the most popular sport in Pakistan. We have a cricketing genius as our P.M.

Furthermore, I am good at creating interesting blog posts, and playing an online cricket game to quench my thirst.


This cricket trophy will bring peace, happiness, and prosperity to Pakistan. The ICC cricket world cup is the mother of all trophies. Any country would love to own and possess it.

Likely, the one-day cricket scene has somewhat seen an improvement. But there is always room for improvements.

Beautiful Memories!

Half of the Pakistanis have stopped watching cricket and that is how much we want our team to succeed.

Suggestions to bring the Cricket World Cup 2019 to Pakistan:

  1. Fitness and accumulating the data and having a statistical analysis of the weaknesses of each international player.
  2. Having a game plan to target and exploit their weaker areas.
  3. Keeping an eye on the prize.
  4. Keeping politics away from sports.
  5. To have 3 replacement players for each player.
  6. Invest in them.

Before I get over emotional let us get back to writing the rest of the article. You will need a favorite channel that televises a live cricket match.

The lords’ cricket scene has improved and the rest of the world has to match the speed.

It is ideal to stay up to date with the cricket news and any last minute changes. Various teams will pump the players with resources to help them make this a memorable event or an event of their lifetime.

Cricket World Cup Scene in Pakistan. This blog post is my complete Cricket update.

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