Let’s begin with a hypothetical story about a kid who conceived the idea of Google.


To tackle this issue, you will have to follow a pattern that has 90% content, 5% transition, 3% promise and 2% advertisements. 
This can help you maximize the marginal utility of your blog post or content writing strategy. It may create a better understanding of your promises. 
Today, companies focus on pointless advertisements on a website. No one clicks on these Ad groups. To create a difference and to become an immediate sensation, you will need to create a new search engine.

The E-knot search engine is a work in progress. It will allow users to analytically extract data from the first 7-10 search results from Google. For each query or keyword, they will have an analytical analysis through R- Programming.

They will know immediately whether more research is required in that particular area of concern. It will systematically and with the help of a graphical analysis provide the users with ideas to research on. If the first 10 google results contain the best keywords set by the program, then it will attain a higher score.

If not, then there is room for more research. People will be able to upload their research to get it ranked and be available for future users. 

This will help tackle the advertising dilemma and help the users extract accurate information on the topic that they are looking for.  Mind You Pakistanis are one of the most Intelligent people in the world. They don’t say that for nothing!

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