1210x642 - How to manage memory?  How you can manage your own

Moreover, You see or look at a person and if you are good at judging the intention of that person? Then you have an extraordinary brain.

For instance, knowing what to say and when to say it is important.

Or let us assume that getting it right the first time. How do people do that?

Furthermore, We attribute luck to initial success. But it is always the coded message that is in the brain. This can well be a systematic way of thinking. A regression analysis, reverse thought, and plasticity.

Something that AI can learn from. Coming back to AI, it can rethink a problem a million times. This may depend on the scope of the program. But what if an AI is repeating the fed message.

Hence proved, there is no self-thinking AI or robots. You have to feed them with the programming language at some level. Even if it is the smallest command.

Finally, You cannot beat the brain that is in your head with a stupid AI.

Think about it. What’s the use of AI? and according to Rameezism….AI is the wrong jungle. Chao

How to manage memory? How you can manage your own?How to manage memory? How you can manage your own?


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