The-Learning-Of-My life-and-Beyond- Rameezism


The Learning Of My life and Beyond- Rameezism. This is coming from a person who has 10+ years of experience in virility. Becoming viral is not that difficult. You might need to start. Once you start, the content becomes much easier to produce.

We will explore a process in The Learning Of My life and Beyond- Rameezism

For a musician, he will give one or two songs that become viral. People will identify them through the music that they create.

But what about the people who in a constant manner, produce content that goes viral.

How do they do it? What do they do to make it a possibility?

You might have heard various people say; that he is God gifted. This gift is one superpower that this person has and he applies it to everything he does.

The superpower can be a unique sense of proportion. So, he will find a proportionate image for a proportionate piece of writing. the blogger, that with creativity, create a viral gift for the readers.

I believe that it is the tone that you choose to address an audience. Is it constructive? do you in a genuine urge would want to improve the lives of your readers?

The repercussions do not matter. Because helping others is traveling a higher level of ascension. It is the ultimate source for guiding a confused person. If anything that you say, do or write, helps your readers understand; is there any better feeling?

You begin to experience a special energy and life force in your day to day routine. This is Karma, it has found its way to you.

While writing a blog, you may notice that you do not know how it will turn out. But if you have the sincerity and hard work in place? It becomes easier than 123. You know the value of your readers and the importance of their time.

Knowledge and Reading are important in religions like Islam, Christianity, and others. Language is also the cornerstone of literacy.

To learn a new thing and by passing it on, you start a never-ending chain process. Mind you, the collective impact can overwhelm you. It will become a solution for the wandering minds.

With so much distraction, not every mind can focus at 100 percent. It is normal to experience a lack of attention.

But if you do not do anything to improve it? I am afraid you will remain the same even after 20 years or till your death.


You can say that you do not have the time to pick up a book? and have 4 kids. You are the busiest person at the office. You feel drained after your regular days routine.

Furthermore, All this can be true. But there is a term called a jogger high. The more you reach that state while exercising, the better your fitness results will be.

Here is a look at it from a convergent perspective. To reach point B, you will need to travel from point A. That is a straight line.

Distribution of your time:

If you spend thousands of hours in a mindless effort or watching T.V, then let’s say you will reach point Z, L, K.

But you will never reach point B. This point is a logical step and a step forward. You will maximize your traveling potential by reaching this point.

Reaching point B will provide you with a greater challenge and an opportunity to reach point C.

Isn’t being systematic fun? So you see, you will need to identify the time wasting activities and get rid of them.

Productivity is the opposite of laziness, lethargy, and procrastination. All it takes is a single step. You can even condition yourself to apply this learning to various other domains in your life.


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