Cafe-De-Anatolia - Feel-the-touch-of-the-Orient


Cafe De Anatolia – Feel the touch of the Orient- In addition, As a creator, I have made some music for my readers. This will help you stay positive throughout the day.


In like manner, Music is about positivism and happiness. Moreover, the purpose of making great music is for the listeners and to reduce their stress.

Cafe-De-Anatolia - Feel-the-touch-of-the-Orient


Furthermore, Cafe De Anatolia was kind enough to mention one of my articles. Identically, that about great music on their official F.B page. Thank You.


Likewise, Please listen to some of the songs that were a part of an experiment. Equally, I have utilized only a couple of tools to create these tunes.

Bass Final:

Likewise, Clock Work 2:


Similarly, Futurism:



Finally, Stellar:

Comparatively, Music is a message on steroids. As a matter of fact, you can relate to it and this medium also helps you change. Identically, you can change your mood and atmosphere by listening to positive music.

Additionally, Stress is a by-product of our hectic daily routine. The unhealthy diet and fast food.


Cafe De Anatolia – Feel the touch of the Orient

Correspondingly, Music is closer to wellness that is present in nature. The chirping of birds and the songs of the nightingale. Likewise, these parables are popular because they have a positive impact on the reader as well as the listener.

Finally, Music does not have boundaries. Uniquely, It is free. It is important that the artists get paid for their digital property.

Likewise, enjoy these tracks 🙂 and, Also, Please like and share. and Of course- Thank You

Cafe De Anatolia – Feel the touch of the Orient

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