How-do-Children-Understand -digital-Marketing?

How do Children Understand Digital Marketing?

It is unethical to market products or services to children. Advertisers must understand that.

A child may get attracted to the imagery and start imagining. The kid does not understand the bigger picture. Although they spend most of their time watching television, they are subject to some sort of Advertisement.

Ads are everywhere. I believe most of the advertisers do not pay attention to an early stimulation. For example, an Ad. can have various appeals. It can apply color psychology and humor appeal. But do they think about the repercussions of an early introduction of their ads to children?

Will it affect the children positively or negatively?

Kids may be vulnerable when we talk about Ads. appeals. It is best to design your Ads in a way that does not appeal to children.

If you use funny characters, cartoons or animations then you need to differentiate your characters from the popular or trending children shows.

More research can unveil the exact facial structure that the children would prefer or dislike.

The other option is an ad blocker and some settings that block ads on everything.

Advertisers want more consumption and it is better to prepare these children for the greatest consumption.

If that makes sense?

As parents, you need to understand that Phenomenal Digital marketers are not ordinary people.

They have all the necessary tools and techniques to target a specified group of people and to plan their opinions.

It is pivotal to have some checks and balances to taper off and smooth ens the advertisers who are rough around the edges.


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