Learn Creative Writing in Pakistan

The writing flows in my blood, and oh yes, I play with words on my note pad.

My quest for words begins by typing in the first few sentences. Then there is no stopping.

You can join me in my quest to achieve and write. Narrate a story, weave an article, and trust the process.

I know you would react to this style of writing in a way that is not known to me.

This entire idea of a style of having a heavier voice behind the fingers that type on this keyboard?

I have grown and so has my writing style. The earth has revolved more than a thousand times since I completed my 100,000 words.

It is prime time to get focused and start writing. A journey that has made me into something that I was not. At least before I started writing.

What’s next? in Creative Writing in Pakistan

250,000 words that will satiate my hunger. A severe longing to reach my next milestone. My sweet music and an old Apple keyboard.

The same two computer monitors that I use to navigate my screen. Research on topics and correlate some concepts. Especially the ones that do not exist. Because I have not given it a good long thought.

I believe you have the power to create a concept that others would love to accept. There are a few reasons for that. The number one reason is that people do not want to go that extra mile. To think and create something new, that out of ordinary ideas.

I still do not know where these ideas come from? As if it is a process that has grown into an automatic affair.

All writers may think uniquely. As there are thousands of better writers and authors. So I have to shake hands with the God who gifts people with writing ability.

An ability that I am thankful for.

Who says you can’t do this too?

I started by writing bland articles. This was the time when I was a cheap pen person. But with practice, you can learn this skill.

There is no skill that you cannot learn. Machine learning, AI, data science or Big data. Mind you, on this journey or quest for knowledge, your life will end but the information won’t.

It is quite brutal if you think that way or take that route. Your passion is to learn new skills and you have limited time.

Even if the internet hides some valid chunks of information? Even then, you will still have stability in your activities, personality, and emotions, and that is your gift. In other words, you will have to find what ticks you off. Once you identify that, now it is time to search for exactly what motivates you. If you look at the exact opposite of your previous or first observation. You will find your calling.

Here watch a video if this information is too much jargon and difficult thinking:

Creative writing is all about giving the reader as much information as possible. A promise that you must keep. That promise is to never waste your readers time.

Think about the troubles that your readers are walking through and their hardships. A single misleading word can negatively impact their lives. Would you want that kind of a heinous crime on your hands?

Think About it.

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