My Perspective and Understanding of Sufi Ascension in Pakistan

My Perspective and Understanding of Sufi Ascension in Pakistan

Spirituality must mean Sufi-ism. It must elevate the soul. Spirituality must make you a better person.

Meditation can help you get closer to the truth. It provides you with enough freedom.

We live in a world that needs immediate results and looks at things from a materialistic lens.

The irony is; that this life is not forever. We will accumulate all the material wealth until it is enough or we are short of space.

My Perspective and Understanding of Sufi Ascension in Pakistan

Things then go into the realm of the supernatural or the ultimate.

Sufi ism is important because it can help you better understand who you are. Why you are here and how you can become a better person?

Meditation will free your mind from stress. It will make you productive and allow you to live in rectitude.

As a source of happiness:

It will bring happiness to you, especially when you start helping other needy people.

All this post is telling you to do is to reflect, and indulge in deep thinking. Ask your self? Are you O.K? or is there room for improvement. If yes then, I suggest that you choose the path of spirituality. And not worldly personal development.

Not only will this bring you closer to the truth but it will open your eyes and heart to unlimited possibilities.

Various civilizations will have their unique concepts of the spirit.

This art is a representation of my view of Sufi-ism. Sufis must listen to their hearts. If that is not acceptable to their minds then they need to produce synchronicity between their heart, mind, and body.

My Understanding of Sufi Ascension in Pakistan:

Once they achieve this gifted state, then they can observe and see a few miracles.

These Miracles can be exactly what they need to know at that juncture.

Having said that, I hope that you start your journey earlier than later on in life because the piousness in youth is appreciated by the Creator.

Sufism, or Taṣawwuf, variously defined as “Islamic mysticism”, “the inward dimension of Islam” or “the phenomenon of mysticism within Islam”, is mysticism in Islam.



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